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BREAKING NEWS – Boy Runs On Water!

There are tons of fun ways to enjoy the water…  Water skiing, tubing and now…  Running on water!  This is an inflatable “Water Runner” by Banzai. It’s like a human version of a gerbil wheel!

Take A Look At This Cool Pic Of The Bear-Mountain Bridge!

Awesome pic of the bridge from my friends boat! -Mr.Waverider

Amazing Sunset On The Hudson River!

Hey guys! Check out this awesome pick of the sunset on the river I took! -Mr.Waverider

See The 1st Jet-Ski Run of 2012! (Video)

Feedback On Jetski Ride Today?!

First run of the season was amazing! Everyone had a great time! It was a little cold at times and got wavy at a point but we had a blast! -Mr.Waverider

Jetski Ride Tomorrow Morning To Kingston!

Hi guys! Who’s wants to come join us on this exciting Jetski ride tomorrow morning at 11:00?! We have 10 riders that are coming with us! We are stopping for food in Kingston!… Continue reading

Jet Ski Fun-Runs by Lex Filipowski (Article from the May 2012 Issue)

“Hello Everyone! This is Lex, Your Fearless Jet-Ski Fun-Run Organizer! “It’s Spring and ‘Tis the season to “Springerize” our PWC’s, start our jet-ski engines and enjoy great fun on the Hudson River for… Continue reading

[VIDEO] 23 Seconds On The Hudson River With Jet-Ski King Lex! [VIDEO]

See 2 Guys Jump 4 Foot Waves In Heavy Winds On Their Jet-Skis!

[VIDEO] Must See Video! 76 Year Old John Vargo Takes His 1st Jet-Ski Run EVER!!!