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Meet The Rhino 3 The Ultimate Ultralight Plane

Meet the Rhino 3, developed over nearly 15 years of part-time trials and errors, mostly by Mike Balogh and a small group of friends and ultralight enthusiasts from New York. It’s the third (and not necessarily final) version… Continue reading

Take A Look At This Cool Pic Of The Bear-Mountain Bridge!

Awesome pic of the bridge from my friends boat! -Mr.Waverider

Amazing Sunset On The Hudson River!

Hey guys! Check out this awesome pick of the sunset on the river I took! -Mr.Waverider

Feedback On Jetski Ride Today?!

First run of the season was amazing! Everyone had a great time! It was a little cold at times and got wavy at a point but we had a blast! -Mr.Waverider

Jetski Ride Tomorrow Morning To Kingston!

Hi guys! Who’s wants to come join us on this exciting Jetski ride tomorrow morning at 11:00?! We have 10 riders that are coming with us! We are stopping for food in Kingston!… Continue reading

Where Will You Be Taking Your Jetski/Boat Out This Year?!

What exciting places will you be taking your Jetski/Boat out this year?! Here’s a picture of Me in front of Bannermans Island! -Mr.Waverider

See 2 Guys Jump 4 Foot Waves In Heavy Winds On Their Jet-Skis!

[VIDEO] Live Action Video! See Jet-Ski’s Go VERY FAST! [VIDEO]

[PHOTO] See 76 Year Old John Vargo Publisher of Boating On The Hudson Magazine on His 1st Jet-Ski Ride Ever!!!

[VIDEO] Must See Video! 76 Year Old John Vargo Takes His 1st Jet-Ski Run EVER!!!