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Rescue Row at the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum – James Wakefield

  On Saturday October 13th over 100 youth participated when the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum’s Champlain Longboats. Program held its annual youth rowing race in Burlington. Crews hailed from local schools –Burlington High… Continue reading

Thruway Toll Fight Portrayed As Argument Over Canal System Funding by Pete Bardunias

The proposed 45% toll increase on three axle trucks using the New York State Thruway has rankled business people from the Bronx to Buffalo. Fears run high that the extra costs will be… Continue reading

Meet The Rhino 3 The Ultimate Ultralight Plane

Meet the Rhino 3, developed over nearly 15 years of part-time trials and errors, mostly by Mike Balogh and a small group of friends and ultralight enthusiasts from New York. It’s the third (and not necessarily final) version… Continue reading

1905 ELECTRIC PARK – Kinderhook Lake

Photos and story excerpted from Lost Amusement Parks of the Hudson Valley by Wesley Gottlock and Barbara H. Gottlock In the October issue of Boating on the Hudson and Beyond we highlighted the rise and fall of… Continue reading


A recent study provides strong evidence that oil analysis programs, higher quality motor oils, and more efficient filters will protect engines from wear and lead to significant cost savings. Less frequent oil changes will also help to keep… Continue reading


  Recreational Fishing Alliance (RFA) CONGRESS TO BLAME FOR BLACK SEA BASS CLOSURE Unrealistic Provisions In Magnuson Stevens Act Strike Again   The black sea bass fishery is rebuilt. However, the stock is too… Continue reading

HOT OFF THE PRESSES: November/December 2012 Issue of Boating on the Hudson now available!

As always you can pick up the latest FREE issue of Boating on the Hudson magazine at your local marina or you can view it online HERE. In this Issue: 4 Saratoga County!… Continue reading

Saratoga County Showcases It’s Great Upstate Lifestyle

The Hudson Valley is also “Tech Valley” to many who traverse this upstate-downstate commerce corridor on a daily or weekly basis. North of Albany lies Saratoga County, where downstate business owners often open… Continue reading

Counting Our Blessings For The Holidays by Ivey Levy

Especially now, at a time where some of us may feel a little dismayed, I think it’s important to list our blessings. Daily. Look closely around you, there is so very much to be… Continue reading

Tax Implications of Hurricane Damage to Your Boat by Scott H. Novak

We are a boating community and we are heartbroken about our local marinas and the boaters whose boats have been lost or severely damaged because of Hurricane Sandy. Where your boat was, on what angle to… Continue reading

Vacation Tomato Pie by Ivey Levy (with creative contribution by Vicky Ziluck)

Vacation Tomato Pie by Ivey Levy (with creative contribution by Vicky Ziluck) Some things are just too good to keep to yourself, do you know what I mean? I know it is not very… Continue reading

The Importance of Getting Your Boat Winterized Properly (With Alex’s Marine Plus)

Alex’s Marine Plus! Keeping Your Boat in Tip Top Shape: The Importance of Getting Your Boat Winterized Properly Boating On The Hudson (BOTH): Hi Alex, all of us at Boating on The Hudson are… Continue reading

What Goes Around Comes Around (Dayliners Past and Present)

The Hendrick Hudson Dayliner The Hendrick Hudson Dayliner, built in 1906 was designed to carry 5500 passengers to various stops along the Hudson River including Indian Point Amusement Park. This was a very well run… Continue reading

INDIAN POINT AMUSEMENT PARK by Wesley Gottlock and Barbara H. Gottlock

Excerpted from “Lost Amusement Parks of the Hudson Valley” Around the turn of the twentieth century, the Hudson Valley was undergoing dramatic changes largely fueled by New York City’s burgeoning population. Fewer residents… Continue reading

It’s All Good by Captain Don Fleming

I would like to take this opportunity to announce my retirement from the Boat Handling Instruction Business. I have decided to allow more time for my wife, family and friends with plans for… Continue reading


by John H. Pagliuca (an Independent Amsoil Dealer) What serious boater doesn’t prepare for the season properly? And as the season progresses, stays on top of issues pertaining to there vessel of choice. One… Continue reading

Doing It Old School by Jeff Sublett

Whenever I spend time on one of the historic tall ships I’m reminded of sailing on a friend’s current sailboat. We sit in a cushioned cockpit, out of the sun under a bimini,… Continue reading

No One On The River? Get Out And Go!


The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has confirmed that junior hunters ages 14-15 will be able to hunt deer during a special youth firearms deer season over Columbus Day Weekend this year, October 6 through October 8,… Continue reading

Oktoberfest at the Newburgh Waterfront! October 14th, 2012

Come One, Come All to Oktoberfest at the Newburgh Waterfront Sunday, October 14th, 2012 from 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM RAIN OR SHINE FREE Admission FREE Parking *BRING A LAWNCHAIR* Authentic German Cuisine… Continue reading