A Whale Of A Not So Good Time Off The Coast Of Mexico

Thankfully nothing of this size has tried jumping into a boat on the hudson river… 67-year-old, Max Young, was rescued after his 50ft Sailboat was struck by a whale about 40 miles off… Continue reading

Come To The 1st Jet-Ski Race of 2012!

Bring On Adventure Today! Happy Father’s Day!

Most people have heard that BOAT stands for Break Out Another Thousand, but in the spirit of Father’s Day I would like to add another definition; Bring On Adventure Today!  We hope everyone… Continue reading

6 Foot Boa Snake At The Newburgh Waterfront!

Crazy Gas Prices In Danbury, CT

Check the prices before you pump!  Many gas stations give a “discount” for using cash, but now it seems others are charging a heafty premium if using credit.  Check out the crazy gas… Continue reading

Replicas Of The Niña and The Pinta At The Newburgh Waterfront

In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue… In 2012 the Niña and the Pinta have arrived at the Newburgh Waterfront! Come down to the Newburgh Waterfront Thursday, June 14th thru Sunday, June 17th… Continue reading

Yacht Explosion Distress Call Near Sandy Hook A Hoax?

According to several news reports; There was an emergency radio transmission made around 4:20 p.m. Monday, June 11, 2012.  The motor yacht, “The Blind Date”, was reportedly 17 nautical miles east of Sandy… Continue reading

What’s RIGHT With The Hudson River?

With all the negativity out there about what is WRONG with the Hudson River, Lex reflects on what is RIGHT!

Check Out The View From Bannerman’s Island!

Pollopel Island, also known as Bannerman’s Island, is about 50 miles north of New York City and about 1,000 feet from the Hudson River’s eastern shore. The island is about 6.5 acres —… Continue reading

Eggs For Moose – Ivey’s In My Kitchen

“I have a friend, her name is Moose. Technically now, it’s Mimi. But back in the day, when I was a 13 yr old juvenille delinquent hanging out at REC, when I met… Continue reading

Keep The Edge with Lex! by Lex Filipowski (V-MODA – Faders VIP Earphones)

V-MODA – Faders VIP Earphones “Imagine hearing the beautiful symphony of bird song on a glorious, sunny Spring morning as their joyous sounds envelope you in peace and serenity as you greet a brand new… Continue reading

What Advice Would You Give To Your Fellow Boater On How To Make Time To Go Boating?

We want to hear from you!  Let us know what you do to make time to go boating!

HOT OFF THE PRESSES: June 2012 Issue of Boating on the Hudson now available!

As always you can pick up the latest FREE issue of Boating on the Hudson magazine at your local marina or you can view it online HERE. In this Issue: 9 Fred Johannsen… Continue reading

Didn’t Get A Chance To See The HMS Bounty This Weekend? TAKE A VIRTUAL 360 DEGREE TOUR!

Take a virtual 360 degree tour of the tall ship HMS Bounty that was at the Newburgh waterfront this past weekend!   HMS Bounty Virtual 360 Tour

Thanks To Everyone At The HMS Bounty!

PIRATE WEEKEND HAS BEGUN! Come For The Fun, Stay For The Food!

Pirate Weekend Has Begun!  A Pirate fun filled day is not complete without some great seafood! The River Grill in Newburgh, NY is one of the participating restaurants for Pirate Weekend (go to… Continue reading

The HMS Bounty Has Arrived! Time For The Pirate Fun To Begin!

Earlier this afternoon, the tall ship HMS Bounty arrived at the Newburgh Waterfront for Pirate Weekend.  All ABOARD!!  Come on down and take a tour of the HMS Bounty that has been seen in… Continue reading

FUN IN THE SUN! Check Out This Video Of A Kid Jumping Off A Flybridge Into The Hudson River

Check out this video of a Kid Jumping off the top of a Flybridge boat into the Hudson River.   🙂

Off The Charters Celebrates Its 300th Striped Bass Catch For The 2012 Season!

Just 2 months ago we posted this picture of Captain Bob Trenz with his first Striped Bass catch of the season! Today, Captain Bob Tenz is celebrating with Dana who has caught the… Continue reading

Are You Going Out On The Water This Weekend? Just A Reminder….

    We wanted to be sure to remind you, our boaters & jet skiers,  if you are stopped by a State or Local Police Agency (sheriff, town, village, county, state, etc) on… Continue reading