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Check this boat out!    

Sandy Who? By Jeff Sublett

We’re tough here on the New Jersey and New York waterfronts and not likely to let a storm keep us from our boats or boating. Did we take a shot? You bet we did and we’re… Continue reading


Many of you know the fourteen people who were the crew from the Tall Ship The H.M.S. Bounty since the Bounty spent some time giving tours at The Newburgh Waterfront.  14 of the 16… Continue reading

Remembering September 11th…

To all of the men and women who lost their lives on September 11th, 2001… WE WILL NEVER FORGET… Today marks the 11the anniversary of the September 11th attacks and as cliche as… Continue reading

WE NEED YOUR HELP: Sailboat Missing From West Point

UPDATE: Gotta love the power of social media! The sailboat has been found and is going to be picked up by Sea Tow and returned to West Point. Thank you all so much… Continue reading

ATTN: RIVER FRONT MARINA MEMBERS: FREE BREAKFAST SEMINAR on Bumpers and Lines at Captain Jakes May 5th at 9AM!

RIVER FRONT MARINA MEMBERS: On Saturday, May 5th at 9AM, come by Captain Jakes at the Newburgh Waterfront for a FREE Breakfast Seminar on bumpers and lines.  Learn all there is to know… Continue reading

45lb striped bass ,Frank Green

45lb striped bass ,Frank Green

Hudson Valley Marine Trades Association Group Photo at the Haverstraw Marina Boat Show, 2012

Hudson Valley Marine Trades Association Group Photo at the Haverstraw Marina Boat Show, 2012

The Hudson Valley Marine Trades Association participates Sunday, April 29th, 2012, A great group of Coast Guard, Police, Boat Dealers, Marine Service Organizations all working together at the Haverstraw Marina, Haverstraw, NY

DEC Hudson River Estuary Program Receives Environmental Quality Award

“The Department of Environmental Conservation’s Hudson River Estuary Program received the prestigious Environmental Quality Award on Friday in honor of its outstanding work in developing and implementing an “action agenda” for restoring the… Continue reading

[VIDEO] See A Man Catch A Striped Bass on the Hudson River In 2012! [VIDEO]


Although it’s April 1st, this is no joke! It’s a cloudy 50 degree (Fahrenheit) Sunday afternoon in Haverstraw on the Hudson River with the water temp  a balmy 46 degrees (Fahrenheit), but it’s… Continue reading

Ivey’s in her kitchen

ATTENTION LADIES! Enter Now To Be Miss Or Miss May in The May Issue of Boating on The Hudson Magazine!

; CALLING ALL LADIES! – We Are Currently Looking For “Miss or Mrs. May!” for The May Issue of Boating On The Hudson Magazine. All Ages Are Welcome! We make our final selection… Continue reading

When Fish Like This Show Up in Streams Leading Into The Hudson You Know Spring Has Arrived!

Taken yesterday at a brook leading into the Hudson River.

(VIDEO) WANT TO RELAX AND DE-STRESS AS YOU GET READY FOR BOATING SEASON? The World’s 1st Sixty Second 360 Degree Video Meditation!

Click The Link Below To See This AMAZING NEW 360 degree Video Technology and To Relax!   Make Sure To Click and Drag With Your Mouse In The Video To See ALL 360… Continue reading

Latest Tech News! Robot Quadrotors Remote Control Mini-Helicopters Perform James Bond Theme

When we last heard from the University of Pennsylvania’s General Robotics, Automation, Sensing and Perception (GRASP) Lab, researchers there had provided video of a swarm of quadrotor robots, which they had programmed to perform some pretty impressive precision flying. Well, now the GRASP quadrotors are back, performing a feat that’s certainly much more … entertaining. In a video that was presented yesterday at the TED2012 conference in California, a group of the little guys are shown performing the James Bond theme on musical instruments.

The quadrotors performed in a room that was equipped with infrared lights and cameras. Reflectors on the struts of each robot reflected the light to the cameras, which allowed the system to determine each quadrotor’s exact position within the room. That information was then relayed wirelessly back to the robots, to make them aware of their own location, and those of the other robots.

In order to perform the music, each quadrotor had been assigned a set of waypoints in three-dimensional space, each one of which they had to reach at a precise point in time. While those coordinates had been programmed in by human operators, it was up to each robot to determine how to reach its waypoints on time, without disturbing the other units.

While the video below is certainly fun to watch, the exercise performed in it is aimed at improving the quadrotors’ performance in much more practical applications. By learning how to get jobs done while staying out of each others’ way, the robots could be better able to perform duties such as surveying disaster sites, establishing wireless communications relays, or even building structures.

Jonathan Atkin – In-Your-Face Maritime Aerial Photographer

Jonathan Atkin shoots ships— aircraft carriers, cruise ships, tugs, cargo ships, speedboats and everything in between. If you spend just five minutes browsing through the images on his website, www., you’ll understand… Continue reading

What Kind of Boat Do You Own and What Do You Love Most About It?

Take This 1 Question Poll – When Will You Be Putting Your Boat In The Water for 2012?

The Fish of The Month – Perch

2012 will be our HRFA year of fresh water fish for each month. If you saved last years’ River Views issues, 12 popular Atlantic Ocean species were each given a page tribute. This… Continue reading