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Doing It Old School by Jeff Sublett

Whenever I spend time on one of the historic tall ships I’m reminded of sailing on a friend’s current sailboat. We sit in a cushioned cockpit, out of the sun under a bimini,… Continue reading

SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY… 20th Annual Great North River Tugboat Race and Competition

The 20th Annual Great North River Tugboat Race and Competition is this Sunday, September 2, on the Hudson River between West 43rd and West 79th Streets in Manhattan. More than a dozen tugboats will battle for… Continue reading

Join the Living River Regatta to Save the Sloop Woody Guthrie by Gigi Fris

Returning the favor: The boat that taught hundreds how to sail and took over 30,000 out on the Hudson River for free needs a helping hand! Remember late last August, 2011? The Hudson… Continue reading

Check Out The View From Bannerman’s Island!

Pollopel Island, also known as Bannerman’s Island, is about 50 miles north of New York City and about 1,000 feet from the Hudson River’s eastern shore. The island is about 6.5 acres —… Continue reading

Please Vote To Help Keep Them Afloat! (WE NEED YOUR HELP!!)

Please help us support Pamela Hepburn, one of the few female tug captains, and David Sharps, a juggling showboat barge captain, Tug Pegasus and the Waterfront Museum Barge, in Brooklynn, NY by voting… Continue reading