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Off The Charters Celebrates Its 300th Striped Bass Catch For The 2012 Season!

Just 2 months ago we posted this picture of Captain Bob Trenz with his first Striped Bass catch of the season! Today, Captain Bob Tenz is celebrating with Dana who has caught the… Continue reading

Do You Have The Patience? Catching Herring With A Herring

Catching Herring In Wappingers Creek, April 8, 2011 Check out this video of a Man using the time honored method of using a decoy herring to lure other herring over a scap net… Continue reading

DON’T GET PINCHED! Great Advice From These Three Young Crabbers In Cold Spring, NY

There are many different types of migratory species to “fish” for in the Hudson River, including the Blue Claw Crab.  Check out this video from 2010 of 3 young crabbers in Cold Spring… Continue reading

Three Generations Land Great Catches Aboard Capt Bob Trenz Charter Boat

Capt. Bob Trenz had three, count them 1.. 2.. 3, generations of fishermen (and woman) aboard his charter boat yesterday and all three caught great sized striped bass! Grandpa Peter with a 20… Continue reading

PERFECT TIMING! Lex Films A Fisherman Reeling In a 25 lb Striped Bass

While Filming A Safety Segment, Lex notices a fisherman reeling in a big fish!  Lex races over to the fishermans boat and captures Lou from Wallkill, NY reeling In A 25 lb Striped… Continue reading

TONS OF BOATS Near Bannerman’s Island Fishing for Striped Bass + Secrets To Catching Them

Check out this video with Lex and John Vargo at the Riverfront Marina in Newburgh, NY while 80 – 100 boats near Bannerman’s Island fish for Stripers.  John Vargo also shares some secrets… Continue reading

Interview with John Laforge Who Caught A 39lb Striped Bass At The $100,000 Striped Bass Derby

Lex interviews John Laforge at the HVMTA Haverstraw Boat Show, who caught a 39lb Striped Bass during the $100,000 Striped Bass Derby (see video below).  The HVMTA Haverstraw Boat Show and $100,000 Striped… Continue reading

HOT OFF THE PRESSES: May 2012 Issue of Boating on the Hudson now available!

As always you can pick up the latest FREE issue of Boating on the Hudson magazine at your local marina or you can view it online HERE. Some of the great articles include;… Continue reading

2 Days Till The 2012 HVMTA Haverstraw Boat Show!

We are only 2 days away from the 2012 HVMTA (Hudson Valley Marine Trades Association) Haverstraw Boat Show at the Haverstraw Marina in Haverstraw, NY. FREE PARKING! FREE ADMISSION! Food, Music, Boat Dealers,… Continue reading

Walking backwards on a dock to film a short video on the 2012 Haverstraw Boat Show! Will he fall in the water?!?

Check out the skills of our camera man as he walks backwards down the dock during the filming of a video spot for the 2012 Haverstraw Boat Show!  CAN HE DO IT?!?!

You Have a Better Chance of Winning This Jackpot, Than the Lottery!

They say that you have a better chance of getting struck by lightening twice in a row than you do winning a large lottery jackpot.  So what are the chances of winning the… Continue reading

FUN! FREE! Only 2 weeks til the 2012 Haverstraw Boat Show!


Wild Hudson – Hudson River Dinosaurs (The Sturgeon – Part 4)

In the murky waters of the Hudson River live a vast array of aquatic wildlife.  The prehistoric Atlantic (and Shortnose) Sturgeon are of the most intriguing. The Atlantic Sturgeon is equiped with bony plates (instead of scales) and may… Continue reading

Join us for the 2012 HVMTA Haverstraw Boat Show! (April 27th – 29th)

[VIDEO] See A Man Catch A Striped Bass on the Hudson River In 2012! [VIDEO]

WILD HUDSON (Part 3 – Striped Bass)

PART 2 – Striped Bass Fishermen (and women!) come to the Husdon River to fish for many different types of fish but the Striped Bass is one of the most highly prized catches.  The Striped Bass (aka:… Continue reading

Our Publisher John Vargo on the Early Striped Bass Season (NY Daily News Article)

Our publisher, John Vargo, was interviewed by the NY Daily News about the early striped bass fishing season! “For New York State anglers, spring means the arrival of striped bass in the Hudson… Continue reading

Fish of the Month: Pickerel & Pike by Carl Bruger (Article from the April 2012 Issue)

“A true toothy set of fish that are readily caught over the entire twelve month span, pickerel and pike are the two smaller cousins of the regal musky and his genetically juggled tiger… Continue reading

DEC’s American Eel Research Project – Larger and Earlier Than Usual

Have you ever been fishing off the docks at your marina and caught this slippery slimy surprise? That slimy surprise is the American Eel. Since 2008 the DEC (Department of Environmental Conservation) has… Continue reading

[VIDEO] See Captain Mr. Bob Trenz – After A Test Fishing Run – Also, The Secret To Warming Up The Hudson River So The Fish Will Bite Is Revealed! [VIDEO]