by John H. Pagliuca (an Independent Amsoil Dealer)

What serious boater doesn’t prepare for the season properly? And as the season progresses, stays on top of issues pertaining to there vessel of choice. One major issue is fuel. Most want to get the tanks topped off early in the season. Some think they may save some money, maybe they will, and some just want to avoid the rush as the season gets underway. But “tanking up “ too early may have some problems.
Perhaps you forgot the schedule of graduations, weddings and promises to keep to family and friends, and now you remember. You have to keep your commitments, and you know that when you can, the vessel is all gassed up and ready to go. The only problem is that the fuel that first entered your tank is degrading,slowly or rapidly depending on the grade of fuel acquired. And that is caused in large part by the introduction of Ethanol in our gas supply.

Ethanol is known to absorb water and then separate itself from gasoline. This process is known as “phase separation”. As the Ethanol separates, it will sink to the bottom of the gas tank where it will degrade and create gum, varnish, and other insoluble debris that will plug fuel passages and negatively affect engine operation. Another problem is water. Water can enter the fuel tanks through condensation in tank exposed to the atmosphere, gas dock pumps and many other environmental conditions. If the fuel is left untreated, starting and performance problems will ruin your boating fun in a big way. Dirty gasoline is another problem facing us also. Dirty gasoline makes for gumming, varnish, and piston and combustion chamber deposits as well. Gasoline sold in our country is formulated with the lowest additive concentration (LAC) of detergent additives. These levels are not enough to prevent deposit buildup on critical parts of the fuel system. The longer our gasoline sits idle in our tank, the worse it will become. It can completely
break down in as little as 60 days, possibly less. What can we do to prevent this? We need to introduce an outside agent formulated just for this problem.
As an AMSOIL Dealer, I work with shops and boat owners on this problem with two of the many products we offer. QUICKSHOT, is a premium fuel additive formulated to thoroughly clean and restore small engines to their peak perfomance. QS will also stabilize fuel for short periods of time, less than four months.

AMSOIL GASOLINE STABILIZER is for longer periods of storage and reduces the oxidation process which will occur during that time. GS will also prevent the formation of varnish and sludge which can clog injectors, stick floats and cause very poor engine performance. Check with your ship’s store as there are some other products on the market that address this issue also. You can also contact me at:

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