Trailer Trouble (With A Happy Ending)

Having not had the boat out all year, we decided to make the trip to the river and make a run for the Saugerties Lighthouse for their annual Between the Tides festival. I hitched up the boat/trailer and headed for the gas station, where I put in $200 worth of gas.
From there headed to the local lake’s boat ramp to run the engine. All went well there and I headed home. Got almost to my house and I heard this sound, something dragging. Looking in the rearview mirror, I saw the anchor a lot lower in the window than it should be so I stopped. I could not believe what I saw when I got out. The hitch broke off where it splits off to the main rails. All that was holding it
to the truck was the top weld of the box steel tow bar. This was beyond the safety chains. Lucky for me this didn’t happen at 65mph on the NYS Thruway, am sure the boat would have flipped and disintegrated all over the highway.

With the help of a neighbor we managed to clamp it together to get it to my home. This was about noon time on Saturday. After allowing my heart to return to normal, I sat down with my latest edition of BOTH (Boating On The Hudson) and checked out the ads. I had seen Nick Roberti’s ads in there before so I decided to call. After speaking with him and explaining the type and size of my boat, he suggested a Venture trailer. I had him order one. It took a little over 2 weeks to come in and they called me when it arrived.

I headed down on Saturday Sept. 1st to pick it up and brought it home. Cautiously I towed the old trailer and boat back to the ramp and unloaded, then went home and picked up the new trailer and headed back to the ramp to load. On Thursday, Sept. 6th, I returned to Nick Roberti’s to have them do the final fitting of the boat to the trailer. Nick and his crew were very accommodating, answering all my questions and concerns. About 4 hours later I was headed home, very happy with my purchase and the experience I had dealing with them. Although it is about 170 miles round trip for me, I will be returning there if the need arises and I need boat or trailer service. The moral of this story is, check your steel trailers, they rot from the inside out. Take a hammer and sound the rails.

Stew & Sherry Pease,
Pittsfield, MA

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