Keep The Edge with Lex! by Lex Filipowski (Aqua Box & ECOXPRO)


Welcome to this month’s “Keep The Edge With Lex” column. Since this is a boating magazine I can use my great and powerful psychic
abilities to predict that you are most likely a boater or a jet-skier. I can also predict with great confidence that you probably own a smartphone. (I know there are a few hold-outs still using the old-fashioned cell phones that don’t give you access to your e-mails or the
Internet or the latest in weather radar or Angry Birds, but most people have updated to the smart phones.) By the way, if you need a smartphone recommendation simply e-mail me:  Now, I have a question for you. What is the biggest challenge you have when using a smart phone or any phone for that matter while being a boater? WATER! That beautiful, magical liquid substance that allow the boats to float so serenely in our Marinas. (The beautiful H2O also comes in handy for those of us who un-dock our boats and venture out of our marinas to explore and experience the magical Hudson River using our motors.) Now we all know that water and smart phones don’t mix. It’s a bit worse of a combination than oil and vinegar. Or water and gas in our fuel tanks. This brings me to…

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