Not Every Boat Is A 10 – No Wake Zone – By Dennis Donato

WOW! Itʼs September already and the boating season is almost over!! Thatʼs right, only 60 more days until the boats have to be off of the fl oating docks and the clubs begin the winter shut-down. But there is still a lot of boating to be done and more boating events and adventures before the “end of days” is upon us. To those Captains who were able to put their vessels in the slip this year, my congratulations on continuing the boating way of life in a very difficult year. You have every conceivable reason (excuse) to not use your boat this year and you did it anyway because boating for you is a way of life, not just another form of recreation. This year we faced record high fuel costs, higher slip fees and ever increasing costs for maintenance and equipment. These issues were important enough to cause some Captains to remain under winter cover and sit out this boating year. Each of us had a lot of self-examination to do this year and we made our decisions based on individual and personal circumstances. Letʼs talk about some of those individual and personal decisions such as listing your boat for sale OR…

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