Hunting In New Jersey by Jim Stabile

Despite New Jersey having more people per square mile than any state and the highest property taxes in the country, the state has an asset some overlook–hunting. From deer and bears to waterfowl and the smallest of small game, it’s a place with enough excellent
habitat to have some standouts in the sport. Guys and gals who hunt know about it are in the fields, woods and shorelines from September through most of February. Garden State deer hunters kill more deer annually than are killed in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont combined. Who knew? Last season, New Jersey’s hunters harvested 50,404 deer, more than twice as many as the 18,170 hunters bagged in Maine; in fact, more than Vermont, which had 12,132, and New Hampshire, where 11,154 were taken. There were 469 bears killed during New Jersey’s six-day hunt last December, including one that…

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