An Angel from Afar by John H. Vargo, Publisher

Here you are water skiing on the west shore of the Hudson opposite the Indian Point Nuclear plants and suddenly your boat stops! What the hell, the water skier drops off, takes off his skis, and, with the tow line still in his grasp, is pulled into the boat by the third person acting as spotter. “What happened?” he asks the driver? “I dunno, lets look things over,” says the driver! This is not your run of the mill runabout but a beautiful Mastercraft designed for just that wake boarding and water skiing. It has all the controls, dials and gauges to make your ride as effortless as possible.  After looking at all the gauges, lifting the cover to look at the engine, and finally again looking at the gauges the simplest answer but embarrassing is “we are out of gas!” “No says the spotter, that can’t be!” Well it is. Lets call Johnny; he will know what to do. So they call me, I said, “I’ll be right there, jump in my car and head for the marina. In the meantime the embarrassed boat guys, wave at passing boaters, and try to paddle into the west shore with their water skis as paddles.
An angel appears in the form of a woman on shore who yells to them what’s wrong? The guys yell, “We are out of gas!” the lady turns, runs behind the house and before you can think about it comes done to the river, wades out as far as she can with the gas can in tow and says, “here you go!” No fuss, no questions just a positive response to a simple problem. (I might add this was the way it used to be all up and down the river. Of helping each other no matter what, this lady still had the old fashion spirit!) The ski boat driver jumps into the water and swims to the lady and the gas can, turns and floats it back out to the boat. Within 5 minutes the boat starts and another five minutes they are back in the marina and filling their Mastercraft up with fuel. The big question on the occupants mind is…

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