Now That I Have It, What The #U@% Should I Do With It??? – Ivey’s In My Kitchen

I just know you’ve gotta be asking yourself that too, right? Summer is ending and I am totally overwhelmed, I’ve got so many tomatoes and cucumbers left, my garden looks like a men’s lockeroom. It’s my fault, I planted them. The truth is that I am a sucker for a seedling. Once I’ve grown it from a speck, I can’t just throw it away because it wasn’t the biggest and the strongest. (See, in at least one situation, as far as I’m concerned, size doesn’t matter.) I have a garden and even after 13 years, I’m still shocked that things actually grow. Having been born with a black thumb, I am living proof, that any idiot can grow a cucumber. But even with my lack of talents, at the end of the summer, I still seem to have an “embarrassment of riches” as my best friend Michell would say. So nowwhat? I have them, what the #u@% am I going to do with all of them??????

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