Southern Saratoga Happenings by Pete Bardunias


(Pete Bardunias is the President/CEO of the Chamber of Southern Saratoga County)

Whether by land or sea, a visit to the newly opened Blu Tea Company (111 Park Avenue, Mechanicville, NY 12118) will tickle your
taste buds with unusual and exotic teas served in a friendly atmosphere amid displays of interesting art and consignment items.
Entrepreneur Nellie Ackerman opened the shop to “provide the perfect tea experience – one sip at a time.” Says Nellie, “BLU TEA
COMPANY was founded out of a passion to help people just stop for a moment… in this fast paced chaotic world that we live in, and
enjoy life. In the amount of time it takes to gently enjoy a cup of tea with a friend, you may have just experienced a time of fellowship that you or your friends may have truly needed at that very moment.” Nellie is a warm, friendly young lady typical of southern Saratoga County’s finest young entrepreneurs. Active in both the Chamber of Southern Saratoga County and Mechanicville-Stillwater Chamber of Commerce, she brightens everyone’s day with her radiant smile and bustling energy. The variety of teas she stocks includes some imported from Uganda as well as some really great loose leaf teas (the Green Mango is just awesome!) She also dedicates the sales from some of her stocks to various charities near to her heart, such as the Mechanicville Area Community Services Center. A must-see…

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