Properly Installing Propellers On Straight Shaft Boats by Gabe Capobianchi (Co-Owner of Precision Propeller)

Precision Propeller and its staff, loves the propeller business. With over 25 years in the business, our entire staff gets involved in not only repairing propellers but is concerned the actual installation of the propeller is done in the proper manner. Why? Because the
propeller is only one segment of your boats ability to perform properly! Not only do you require the proper propeller and installation, it is only one component of an integrated power system that includes the, shaft, strut, coupling, bearing, transmission and engine. It is
all designed to work together under a wide variety of loads and conditions. What is fascinating about this business is the many misunderstandings that occur with boat owners when they try to understand how to match all these components without getting expert advice. Precision Props years of experience, is available to all and can help you have an enjoyable summer of boat performance. It is part of our service to you when you ask us to “repair or replace your propeller.” The following series of photographs shows the proper way of installing a propeller on a straight shaft inboard. In this example…

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