Keep The Edge with Lex! by Lex Filipowski (Jet Ski)

Jet Ski

This is Lex and welcome to this month’s “Keep The Edge With Lex”, where you will find out about some of the latest great new products and leading edge trends. I’ve got a question for you- What can fly faster than a speeding bullet, is more powerful than a locomotive and can leap tall buildings in a single bound?

I know what you’re thinking… It’s SUPER JET-SKI! This month’s feature. By the way, the actual generic term is Personal Watercraft. Well, what’s so special about jet-ski’s and what makes them so leading edge? One of the reasons is that they are not used simply by people in their teens or twenty’s any longer. People of ALL ages are fast discovering the fun and adventures that can be experienced with these amazing machines. In fact, I know people personally from the age of 14 (my son Liam) up to 76, (my friend and publisher of Boating on The Hudson Magazine John H. Vargo) who jet-ski. Did you know with some jet-ski’s you can travel over 100 miles on a little over 20 gallons of gas and can easily travel over 60 MPH plus? How much gas would you use in your boat? This month’s column is a bit different than my previous ones..”

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