A Whale Of A Not So Good Time Off The Coast Of Mexico

Thankfully nothing of this size has tried jumping into a boat on the hudson river…

67-year-old, Max Young, was rescued after his 50ft Sailboat was struck by a whale about 40 miles off the western coast of Mexico. The impact from the collision knocked out the sailboat’s steering and the boat began taking on water.  Young stuffed a mattress into the hole caused by the whale, turned on all four bilge pumps and tried to bail out the water as fast as he could.  He activated his EPIRB which gave the US Coast Guard his exact position and officials were able to direct a merchant ship that was 60 miles away to his location.  Young made his way safely aboard the merchant ship and is making his way back to California.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/06/17/northern-california-man-on-freighter-after-rescue/#ixzz1yFE74N7u

Do a quick search and you’ll see that a whale hitting a sailboat is not such new news…  Check out this footage caught off the coast of South Africa (footage is shaky, but you can see all the action)