Keep The Edge with Lex! by Lex Filipowski (V-MODA – Faders VIP Earphones)

V-MODA – Faders VIP Earphones

“Imagine hearing the beautiful symphony of bird song on a glorious, sunny Spring morning as their joyous sounds envelope you in peace and serenity as you greet a brand new day… Imagine hearing the gentle patter of rain on the roof of your house on a warm summer evening… Or imagine hearing your boat engine as it roars to life after you turn the key and then hear the sound of the water whooshing around you as your boat gently cuts its way through the water… Or lastly, imagine the sound of young children playing and laughing in the park. Such innocence and beauty and joy. Some of the simple pleasures in life. Now imagine SILENCE… Complete, Utter SILENCE… While other people are listening to their favorite music, you hear…”

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