HOT OFF THE PRESSES: June 2012 Issue of Boating on the Hudson now available!

As always you can pick up the latest FREE issue of Boating on the Hudson magazine at your local marina or you can view it online HERE.

In this Issue:

9 Fred Johannsen

14 Helen Hayes Hospital

19 Sailing With Sharon

20 New York Harbor School

28 Wheels of Time

32 Erie Canal Jets

34 A Hudson River Rule

41 Zeelander at Chelsea Piers

45 Low Cost Sailing

52 The Bees Are Coming!

56 “Green” Bottom Paint

58 BoaterTaxWoe

84 Preserving History

Every Month:

4 Lex’s Keep the Edge

46 Ivey’s in My Kitchen

62 Tides

65 Your Insurance

69 No-Wake Zone

72 Ask Dr. Gel

76 Financial Planning

90 Classifieds

94 Services Directory

and MORE!