Are You Going Out On The Water This Weekend? Just A Reminder….



We wanted to be sure to remind you, our boaters & jet skiers,  if you are stopped by a State or Local Police Agency (sheriff, town, village, county, state, etc) on the Hudson River you have the right to refuse them access to your vessel for a safety check or otherwise unless they have probable cause to board.  The USCG, on the other hand, is a Federal Agency and can board your vessel without needing probable cause.

With anything, it is asked that you handle any stop with respect, but if you do happen to have a problem or issue please notify Lex Flipowski on his cell at 201-953-9984.

We have posted many articles on how you can get your vessel safety checked and encourage that you have one done every year.  Please go to: to find your local USCG Auxiliary or US Power Squadron to schedule your safety check.

We hope you all have a fun and safe Memorial Day Weekend!