OpSail 2012 – Haggerty At Large by Betsy Frawley Haggerty


“If you are a fan of tall sailing ships and naval warships then Wednesday, May 23, would be a good day to play hooky from work or school. Remember OpSail—the spectacular tall ship extravaganza that brought the New York waterfront to life on July 4 in 1976, 1986, 1992, and 2000? Well, it’s back this year, but instead of being the centerpiece of the city’s July 4 celebration, this year’s parade will take place on the Wednesday before Memorial Day, a work-day/school-day for most. So, the hundreds of thousands of people who have crowded the New York and New Jersey shorelines and waterways in years past will be lucky to get a glimpse of the ships from their office windows, or during a brief lunchtime visit to the waterfront. Word has it—although the Mayor’s office denies this— this is exactly the way the City of New York wanted it to be. Sources close to OpSail have told me that city officials would…”

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