A Heartfelt Plea By Ivey Levy (Article from the May 2012 Issue)

I’m writing this to you, my Boating on the Hudson Readers through tears. I’m in the closest thing to agony that I have felt as an adult and I’m afraid that if I do not do something, my heart will break, bleeding inward. I have to reach out to you and try. Someone I love very much is sick and needs a liver. I cannot relay this as eloquently as her daughter Randi did. Please read the following letter and please, do anything you can to try and help. Blood type A or O.

With All My Love,


I beg you to keep reading — because my mom’s life literally depends on it. During a routine test last week, my mom, Gwen Silver, found out that two tumors have suddenly sprung up on her liver. Surgery can’t save her; neither can chemotherapy. Only a transplant can give my mom the life we so desperately need her to live. The really bad news is that…”

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