Continued Communication With USCG Commander Regarding Vessel Stops On The Hudson River

In the April 2012 Issue of Boating on the Hudson Magazine there was a one page article from Gabe Capobianchi, president of the HVMTA,about a high level meeting with the USCG, Marine Police Units from a number of counties, Marine Services Director, NYS Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation and the NYS Parks Police regarding the numerous police stops on the Hudson River in the past several years.  (CLICK HERE to go to the April 2012 Issue and then go to page 58 of the Online edition.  Pg #57 of the Magazine)

This past Monday, Gabe Capobianchi (President of the HVMTA), John Vargo (of Boating on the Hudson Media) and Lex Filipowski (of Boating on the Hudson Media) once again met with USCG Commander Kenneth Pierro to further discuss the stops on the Hudson River and will continue to work with the USCG and Local/State Policing Agencies to help create a better system and promote safe boating on the Hudson River.

We wanted to be sure to remind you, our boaters & jet skiers,  if you are stopped by a State or Local Police Agency (sheriff, town, village, county, state, etc) on the Hudson River you have the right to refuse them access to your vessel for a safety check or otherwise as they are required to have probable cause to board.  The USCG, on the other hand, is a Federal Agency and can board your vessel without needing probable cause.

With anything, it is asked that you handle any stop with respect, but if you do happen to have a problem or issue please notify Lex Flipowski on his cell at 201-953-9984.

We have posted many articles on how you can get your vessel safety checked and encourage that you have one done every year.  Please go to: to find your local USCG Auxiliary or US Power Squadron to schedule your safety check.

We hope you all have a fun and safe 2012 Boating season!

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