You Have a Better Chance of Winning This Jackpot, Than the Lottery!

They say that you have a better chance of getting struck by lightening twice in a row than you do winning a large lottery jackpot.  So what are the chances of winning the $100,000 Striped Bass Derby “jackpot”?  If the reports are correct, a heck of a lot better!   Ok, so maybe we can’t give you an exact statistic, but this year’s Striped Bass Season has been off to a great start with a 40 pounder being caught only a few days ago!!  There is talk about this year being “The Perfect Storm” for fisherman to get the catch of a lifetime!  The Striped Bass Derby Catch Deadline is a little less than 2 weeks away, sooooo….

Don’t miss out on your chance to win $100,000 in the 2012 Hudson River Fishermen’s Association Striped Bass Derby!

Don’t miss out on the excitement either!  There will be a weigh in station at the 2012 HVMTA Haverstraw Boat Show for the Derby with your chance to see some of the great catches LIVE in a holding tank at the Boat Show!