Man to Build Junk Boat and Row Down Hudson River

Tuesday we told you about a man who is going to run 315 miles from the Lake Tear of the Clouds to The Battery in Manhattan, today we found out about a man who is going by boat… made from NYC garbage.

For a film project, James Bowthorpe plans on building a make-shift boat from the trash of New York City and rowing his “junk boat” from the Lake Tear of the Clouds back to NYC.

Affectionately called Muhheakantuck (“river that flows two ways”) by the Lenape Indian tribe, the Hudson River “flows two ways” all the way up to Troy, NY, having a high and low tide (just about) twice a day.  Rowing a boat is a challenge in and of itself, but Bowthorpe may find his last leg of his journey the most difficult when rowing against the tide to New York Harbor.

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