Keep The Edge with Lex! by Lex Filipowski (Article from the April 2012 Issue)

“Revolutionary Lytro Camera (Cool Gadget of The Month)

Welcome to this month’s latest, greatest, most amazingnest technology discoveries on the face of our good planet Earth! (“Amazingnest” is an original Lex Word from Lex’s Lexicon by the way.)

Pictures. Photography. Snapshots. Frozen moments captured for all time to share with family and friends. We all love to photograph and share those special moments. The glowing smile of a child as theey enjoy fun on the swings at a richly forested park, the sparkle of the sunlight as it dances upon the crisp waters of the Hudson River on a warm summer’s day or seeing Uncle Bill’s toothless grin at his surprise 80th birthday party right after his dentures fell out while blowing on the candles that encircle his rich chocolate fudge birthday cake. …”

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