Gabrielle Dicarlo – Sometimes Bravery Comes In Small Packages

Dominic and Nicole Dicarlo purchased their first boat in the Summer of 2009 and have been avid boaters ever since.  They have 3 beautiful girls, who have enjoyed boating aboard their parents boat “My Boy”.  This year the Dicarlo’s boating season has been put on hold due to their youngest daughter Gabrielle’s, 5, recent diagnosis.

Earlier this year Gabrielle had complained of stomach pains and was having trouble just even walking up stairs.  After a urine test showed a rare bacteria, Gabrielle was sent for a sonogram where a large mass above her kidney was found.  The mass was the size of a grapefruit on her adrenal gland that is going up her bloodstream to the right side of her heart.  The doctors believed the mass could be one of three types of tumors; Adrenal-cortex carcinoma, Nueroblastoma, or Wilms Tumor.

After more testing it is believed that Gabrielle has Neuroblastoma, a  childhood cancer that is most frequently found in one of the adrenal glands, but can also develop in nerve tissues in the neck, chest, abdomen, or pelvis.

Gabrielle has been through 7 surgeries in just 6 weeks and is currently awaiting chemo treatment within the next week or so.  She is a trooper and has handled each test, procedure and surgery like a champ.

Nicole said that “Depending on Gabby’s progress with chemo we are not sure if the boat is going back in.  She will have to be in isolation for prob 18 weeks or more.” And that they are looking to “enjoy [boating] when she is fully healthy again.”


To read more about Gabrielle’s diagnosis, progress and/or how you can help please visit; – Website – Facebook Page