WILD HUDSON (Part 1 – Seals)

The wildlife in and around the Hudson River is abundant.  With it’s majestic waters connecting to the Atlantic Ocean, the Hudson has many visitors that travel up-river following food, looking for shelter or a place to spawn. This post is to spotlight some of the visitors that have make the trek in and/or up the Hudson River.


One elusive yearly visitor are Seals.  Winter is one of the best times to spot seals as they can sometimes be spotted basking in the sun on an ice flow.  The most common specie found in the river during the Winter and early Spring are harbor seals (as seen in the picture posted).  Some others that have been spotted are harp seals, hooded seals and gray seals.

Click on the Link below and take a listen to yesterdays Brian Lehrer Show Pod Cast with Paul Sieswerda, retired curator at the New York Aquarium and the Boston Aquarium, as he explains why harbor seals and other marine animals are returning to the area.