Funny Boating Story #138 – A Pickup Camper, A Ramp and A Boat…

Sunset. Forest Service Campground/Boat ramp on the inter-coastal waterway near Awendaw, SC–Guy driving an F250 pickup with a trailer behind it, and a slide-in truck camper in the bed. End of the day–time to get the boat out of the water. Backs down carefully, hits brakes and launches camper out of truck into the water. Thing floated like a cork but on its side. Long line of folks waiting/prepping were present. Stunned silence followed by hysterical laughter.

Story gets better–seems his wife had taken the truck camper off at some point during the day to drive into town to do some shopping. Returned and backed under the camper and jacked it back down onto the truck. Hubby comes back from a long day on the water. He knew she had been shopping but didn’t know she had removed the camper and then reloaded it. Guess he was tired. He does his normal recovery routine with aforementioned results. Apparently someone didn’t secure the camper to the truck.

Now the good part–guess who was still in the camper asleep…. Door pops open and there she was.