A COMPLETE Listing of All The Public Boat Ramps on The Hudson River from Liberty State Park in Jersey City up to Kingston

Sometimes finding the fish is easier than finding a place to launch your boat. Thus, the need for this list. The Hudson River Fishermen’s Association wants to help you have a pleasurable experience on the Hudson River. Enjoy the Hudson River and always leave it cleaner than you found it.

Starting in late March, as the water temperatures rise, the striped bass start to make their migration up the Hudson River. This yearly spawning ritual has taken place at the same time each year since well before Henry Hudson sailed his Half-Moon sailing vessel up this majestic river. During this spawning run of striped bass, the recreational angler has the opportunity to catch the fish of a lifetime. Striped bass up to 60 pounds are in the river along with 7 million smaller versions of the same fish. The spring run of stripers will begin to show up in the lower harbor in mid March and early April. As the warmer water works it’s way up the river, so go the striped bass. Because the west side of the river from the George Washington Bridge to the Piermont area is shallow, it warms up much faster than any other part. With this warm water calling, anglers can take advantage of the waters the striped bass use to pass through for some outstanding fishing.

Although many anglers along the Hudson River enjoy shoreline fishing, having a boat is the way to go. Being able to go from point to point, change locations easily, is a much more effective way to follow your fish.

(If you are interested in ramps located south of our area along the Jersey Shore go to http://www.marinfosvc.com/ramps.asp)

Below is a listing of all the public boat ramps on the Hudson River from Liberty State Park in Jersey City up to Kingston. The information given is the best available and as current as possible. The rates quoted are from 1998 and could be subject to change. When ever possible, questions should be forwarded to the phone numbers listed for the appropriate ramp. Some phone calls to municipal clerk’s offices were not particularly helpful. Some misled us. For example, in September, we called the Ossining ramp, the clerk thought the ramp was closed and did not know of any launching fees. We had to tell her it was open till October. Later that same day another clerk told us the ramp was open but they had seasonal permits only. The clerk at the Nyack office also had different fees for a partial season.

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