It’s Almost Spring! (A Story of Fishing In The Old Days and The New) – by John H. Vargo – Publisher of Boating on The Hudson Magazine

When I was a boy, perhaps 5 years old, my father and his brothers, (or anyone that was home from the war, yes that war, WW11), with cigarettes dangling from their mouths, and a continuing cough coming deep from their lungs, would gather up their home made pool cue fishing rods, a brown bag with a couple of sandwiches in it and perhaps an apple or if we were real lucky an orange, and prepare to go striper fishing at Oscawana Railroad Sta- tion. This would be in March, and there may have been snow still under the Hemlocks. We would stop at Lou’s Sporting Goods, or to save time someone would have gone to Lou’s the night before to pick up a dozen bloodworms paying all of $3.50 for them.