Want A Great Boating Dessert? Check Out This Article!

Take a ride to Flour and Sun Bakery In Pleasantville, NY for a mind blowing variety of Gourmet Cupcskes!



Scroll down for our complete cupcake menu. Visit our Cake page for our cake menu, photos and price list. (We now also offer granola, cookies/bars, caramel popcorn, and scones.)

In addition to the Vanilla and Chocolate classics, we offer 4-8 other daily specialties from the list below. Quantities of each flavor are limited per day. Flavors rotate throughout the month and are not on a fixed schedule. We do not make every flavor each day! Our daily cupcake specials are posted on this website, Facebook and Twitter each day.

Almond Joy
Chocolate cake with a almond joy-like (coconut & almonds) filling and topping with drizzled chocolate

Apple Cinnamon
An apple cupcake topped with cinnamon cream cheese frosting

Apple Pie
Cinnamon cupcake with apple pie filling topped with cinnamon cream cheese

A traditional honey cake with apples topped with cream cheese frosting and honey drizzle

Bailey’s cupcake with vanilla buttercream

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